About Us

In 1980, Dean Graham went to work for Paul Gore, owner of Gore Construction in Dalhart, Texas. Gore sold the businesses in 1981 and started a new business, Gore Enterprises. In 1994, Paul gave Dean and Gay an opportunity to purchase 25% of Gore Enterprises. It was at that time G and G (Gore & Graham) Operators was created. As time progressed, G and G Operators changed its business model from feed yard maintenance and grain hauling to primarily servicing Dalhart and the surrounding areas with dirt excavation and construction services.

In 2010, a new partnership was started with family friends, Kurtis and Ashley Thomas. In typical G and G fashion, a vision was had to meet the growing demand for this service. G and G Paving and Concrete was opened alongside G and G Operators in Dalhart. But the growth did not stop there, in 2013 G and G Operators purchased a concrete plant in Dalhart. This plant can better serve the needs of our customers and allows G and G Operators the ability to provide equipment services and supply most of their own materials.

In 2015, an opportunity came to purchase a company out of Dumas, Texas. G and G was now able to grow outside of Dalhart and with this purchase came an asphalt plant. The Dumas operation has been very successful in a short time and has now allowed G and G Operators to be able to provide any type of material or service to the Panhandle. The Dumas operation is managed by Nelson Flores, and Dean and Gay's nephew, Travis Juilfs.

Dean and Gay are very excited to say that all of their children and their spouses play a role in the day-to-day work at G and G Operators. Their son, Chase Graham, is the current Operations Manager in Dalhart, along with his wife Rebecca Graham, she does any of the daily tasks that may arise. Chase Graham is also beginning to take over many of the daily responsibilities of the business. The oldest daughter Chansee 'Graham' Carrit and her husband Josh Carrit own a trucking company that helps with the daily deliveries of a variety of products along with assisting in the shop. The youngest daughter Chanessa "Graham' Slama along with her husband Judd Slama handle the day-to-day activities of handling feed for a large supplier here in Dalhart. G and G prides itself on being family-oriented and family ran with all of the siblings along with close family friend Kurtis Thomas holding a partnership in the business.

G and G Operators has a group of over 65 employees several of which have been here for over 5 years and up to 30 years.